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Christian Essentials

A casual class where we take a look at some of the common but tough questions people ask about God and Christianity. Each session runs at 9am on Sundays at the Church Guest House, in the main meeting room. Classes run twice a year, please check this page for updated schedules.

Week 1

Who is Jesus?

Sunday 7th February

Week 2

Assurance of Heaven

Sunday 14th February

Week 3

I’m Born Again (Regeneration)

Sunday 21st February

Week 4

I’m Adopted (Justification)

Sunday 28th February

Week 5

I’m a Vessel of Honour (Sanctification)

Sunday 6th March

Week 6

How did we get the Bible?

Sunday 13th March

Week 7

Can we trust the Bible?

Sunday 20th March

Week 8

The Resurrection of the Dead

Sunday 27th March

Week 9

Second Coming of Christ

Easter Sunday 3rd April

Week 10

Judgement Day

Sunday 10th April

Week 11

Creation vs Evolution

Sunday 17th April

Week 12

Noah’s Flood

Sunday 24th April

Week 13

How does a Christian relate to the Old Testament?

Sunday 1st May

Week 14

How to walk in Holiness and Grace

Sunday 8th May

Week 15

Knowing God’s Will

Sunday 15th May

Week 16

Hearing God’s Voice

Sunday 22nd May

week 17


Sunday 29th May

Week 18

Christianity vs World Religions & Christian Cults

Sunday 5th June