Creating God Centered Leaders

Empower Bible College is all about training with the highest level of effectiveness and fruitfulness. We have previously offered many subjects and courses over the past five years, and we’re excited to be launching into a new season. The good news is that for those who have completed all the previous years’ course work, your efforts have not gone to waste.

All our classes are bible based and are designed for your maximum benefit. Classes are practical, interesting, life applicable, and enjoyable. What we teach goes beyond just principles and has direct application to who you are and who God has created you to be. As you discover God is, you’ll also discover your own identity, abilities, leadership styles, and personality.  Everything that you learn can be applied to your own life and to the world around you.

We use a highly skilled team of leaders, pastors, and teachers with a wide variety of skills, approaches, and experiences to deliver high quality lessons in a clear, relevant, applicable, and practical way. Our teachers have a global range of education and knowledge and will bring excellent material that will train you for your calling. Lecturers will include Dr Luis Cabral, Dr Shirley Baskett, Ps Robin Johnson, and many more.

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What We Offer

Empower Bible College runs a four-year course. Each year is designed to build upon the last, to take you to increasing levels of leadership, biblical knowledge, and intimacy with God.

It is compulsory to complete the previous year before starting the consequent year. For those who have completed all previously offered course work in Empower, you will be credited for your previous study. Upon completing first year, instead of receiving a Certificate of Development, you will receive a High Certificate of Spiritual Development.

Session Details

Empower Bible College runs at Australia for Christ Church, 1070 Stud Road, Rowville, VIC 3178.

Sessions run every Tuesday night from 7:30pm until 10:00pm. Each night will include a time of chapel, small groups, and two subjects will be taught.

Each subject has a duration of one semester, which means four subjects will be completed per year. Our term runs in line with school terms.

Semester 1

Term 1: 5th February – 2nd April 2019
Term 2: 30th April – 18th June 2019

Semester 2

Term 3: 23rd July – 17th September 2019
Term 4: 8th October – 26th November 2019

$50 per semester

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Certificate of Spiritual Development – Year 1
  1. Leadership – part 1
  2. Essential Doctrine
  3. Authentic Relationships with God
  4. Understanding the Bible
Diploma of Leadership – Year 2
  1. Leadership – part 2
  2. Old Testament Survey
  3. The Reality of the Holy Spirit
  4. Knowing Yourself
Advanced Diploma of Leadership – Year 3
  1. Leadership – part 3
  2. New Testament Survey
  3. Communication
  4. Christian Doctrine
Graduate Diploma of Influence – Year 4
  1. Leadership – part 4
  2. Apologetics
  3. Team Building & Recruiting
  4. Pastoral Care