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As part of our Easter celebrations, we are privelaged to have the very talented Ps. Trevor Sampson and his two sons as special guests.

Trevor is an amazing singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound engineer from Cape Town, South Africa. He has a wealth of musical experience and has been in full-time music ministry for over 33 years.

This event is an open invite to you and your friends. Join us on Good Friday and Easter Sunday to commemorate the love that God showed us by sending Jesus to save us.

About Easter

For people around the world, Easter is a time of celebration, chocolate, eggs, bunnies, and a long weekend. But have you ever wondered why Easter is such a big deal, why it’s celebrated globally and so festively, or why hot cross buns are called hot CROSS buns? Easter is actually a celebration of Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Easter Friday remembers that Jesus died on the cross for all of mankind; Easter Sunday reminds us of Jesus conquering death and resurrecting on the third day.

At Australia for Christ Church, we would like to celebrate Easter with you and your family as we remember all that Jesus has done.


  1. Good Friday – 3rd April 2015
    1 hour service starting at 10am
    Complimentary hot cross buns from 9am
  2. Easter Sunday – 5th April 2015
    10am Sunday service