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Men’s Ministry September seminar

Man Of God Seminar

Men's Ministry is launching a “Man of God” series to lead men to be the GODLY MAN: Men who love God with all their heart and who are thirsty for God! Men who fear God…

Invite your friends and come and experience anointed teachings, sharing in small groups, exciting activities, Holy Spirit led ministry and an overall fantastic time. For more information please contact to David Lim.

Seminar 1: Emotions – Ps Luis Cabral

This session aims to define emotions, to identify behaviours which arise from damaged emotions, to highlight and define depression, to explain repressed emotions and explore possible causes and their physical impact on an individual, to briefly discuss the use of 'masks' in men's emotional issues, and to provide some practical suggestions to the participants to help them overcome the repression of their emotions.

Seminar 2: Conflict Resolution – Rev. Peter Misso

This session aims to explain the meaning of conflict resolution, to discuss the major obstacles to healthy conflict resolution, to identify styles of conflict resolution, and to highlight some guidelines for dealing with conflict.


Seminars 1 & 2: 9.00 am – 12.45 pm
Activities: 2.15 pm – 4.15 pm
Campfire – BBQ: 4.15 pm – 8.00 pm *Due to restrictions, the Campfire/BBQ has been cancelled.


Date: Saturday 4th September 2010
Time: 9.00am to 9.00pm
Cost: Free (donations are welcome)