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There are 5 core values that we continually work towards

Covenantal Relationships

The Bible teaches that–

  • We are bound together in covenant relationship through Jesus Christ under the New Covenant.
  • We are to love one another as Christ loved us in all aspects of our relationships.

We will strive to implement the Core Value of Covenantal Relationships by –

  • Developing relationships with each other that are characterized by Agape Love, Honesty & Integrity, Generational Continuity and David-Jonathan type
  • Knowing and applying the many ‘One Another’ New Testament Scriptures that are intended to characterize our relationships with each other as God’s special people under the New Covenant.

Communion with God

The Bible teaches that–

  • We are in covenant relationship with God under the New Covenant.
  • We can enjoy fellowship, both positionally and experientially, with the Triune God.
  • We can commune with God through Prayer, Worship and Meditating on God’s Word.

We will strive to implement the Core Value of Communion with God by –

  • Living out the experienced dimension of our relationship with God.
  • Practising Intimacy with God.
  • Developing a disciplined and consistent lifestyle of Prayer, Worship and Biblical Meditation.

Commitment to the House

The Bible teaches that –

  • The Church is a Spiritual House, Body and Family.
  • The Church is both Universal and Local in scope.
  • We are called to remain faithful as God’s House by remaining faithful to Jesus Christ.

We will strive to implement the Core Value of Commitment to the House by –

  • Living in covenantal relationship with one another.
  • Being committed to the Church both universal and local.
  • Demonstrating practical membership in our local church.
  • Avoiding and discouraging the practice of ‘Church Hopping’.

Commitment to the Leadership

The Bible teaches that –

  • True leaders are servants, not lords.
  • The Church is to be governed by servant leadership.
  • Godly leaders deserve our highest respect, obedience, submission and esteem.
  • We are to follow the example of our leaders as they follow the example of Christ.

We will strive to implement the Core Value of Commitment to the Leadership by –

  • Demonstrating servanthood in all aspects of leadership.
  • Recognising, honouring and respecting our leaders.
  • Developing a mutual commitment of love and trust between leaders and people.
  • Raising future servant leaders to lead the Church in each generation

Credibility (Integrity)

The Bible teaches that –

  • Our faith must be a genuine faith.
  • Our lifestyle must be a true reflection of our faith.
  • We are to have a good reputation as Christians in society.

We will strive to implement the Core Value of Credibility (Integrity) by –

  • Acquiring a sound knowledge of our Faith.
  • Embracing and implementing godly values in our lives.
  • Living consistently and always without compromising our core values.
  • Behaving responsibly as good citizens and Christians in the world.