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“Follow Me, and I will make you become Fishers of Men.” Mark 1.17

Australia for Christ Church is committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus worldwide. We are passionate about bringing people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and believe true freedom and hope comes from knowing God personally.

In August, we are privileged to host Tony McLennan, CEO of Bible League Australia & NZ. For three sessions over two days, Tony will share from his ministry and experience about reaching the world for Jesus. We believe these meetings will not only bring clarity regarding God’s heart for the lost, but will encourage you to be bold and reach out to those in your sphere of influence.

Session 1 is on Friday 5th August, at 8pm.
Session 2 & 3 is on Sunday 7th August, at the 9am & 10.30am services.
All sessions are at Australia for Christ Church.

A bit about Tony…
Tony served in the business world for over twenty five years working in the field of financial services, capital raising, private equity, marketing, and business development.

During his long and successful business career, Tony supported and led the conduct of the Business Alpha Course, a course designed to bring people to Christ, in corporations around Australia. Major banks, investment houses and individual companies were equipped to run Business Alpha enabling many to hear the Gospel with significant numbers of people finding true faith in Jesus Christ.

As the CEO of Bible League, Tony is responsible for the running of Bible League in Australia and New Zealand. Funds donated by supporters in Australia and New Zealand are used to provide Bibles and Scripture materials for local churches and other partners around the world for them to use in their ministry of helping others meet Jesus Christ.