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Sign up for Empower Bible Institute (EBI) Term 2

EBI is affiliated with International Victory Bible Institute in USA. EBI’s vision is to provide a Spirit-filled learning center where Christians will have ongoing and systematic training in the Bible to impact their spiritual maturity in Christ.

Term 2 for 2014 begins on Tuesday 22 April for the next 10 weeks. Subjects offered are New Testament Survey 1 and Old Testament History 1. The course fee is $30 per term per person or $50 per term per couple (husband and wife).

Enrollment starts next Sunday 23rd March


New Testament Survey 1

This module will study the history, background, culture, people and personalities of the New Testament from the Gospels of Matthew through John, which will:

  • Enlighten the student on cultural and political settings of Jesus’ day.
  • Help the student to understand Jesus’ actions and sayings and His disciples better.
  • Provide the student with an overall working knowledge of the New Testament so that he/she can correctly interpret and apply New Testament passages.

Old Testament History 1

This course will study the history of the Old Testament from Creation to the birth of the nation of Israel and the Israelites’ conquest of the Promised Land, with special focus on the Table of Nations (how the different nations in the world began) in Genesis 10.  Students will learn that the Promised Land is central to the Table from the arrangement of Noah’s descendants and that God’s plan to bless the new nation of Israel through whom the Messiah will come involved the movement, displacement and conquest of the Canaanites (due to Noah’s curse in Genesis 9).  These will build strong Old Testament foundation that will enhance the student’s understanding of the New Testament.